I've discovered that I'm somewhat of a hopeLESS romantic... or maybe I am a hopeFUL romantic. And if that makes me a naive, so be it. If that frees me up to love and be loved (and be hurt) I will gladly receive it to have love. I believe in love... which is why I am honored to be a part of a story where couples trust me to capture memories that will far outlast us and play a part of our legacy. Thank you for choosing me to document such a sacred and beautiful part of your story.  

-natalie barrett shelton

   "i think my heart had to be broken. it was necessary to be reduced to pieces and fragments so that i may truly understand all of me. i had to put it all back together in the ways that felt right. but in doing so, and unbeknownst to me, i was building the heart you were waiting for."

-Jm Storm