ANNOUNCING our Canon DSLR workshop by Fullosophie with a Fotostrap GIVE-A-WAY.


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A winner will be announced on Wednesday at 12 NOON!

Beginners…get to know your camera and learn the basics of shooting and editing in Lightroom.

*for more info. visit FULLOSOPHIE Canon DSRL Workshop*

tickets go on sale this THURSDAY jan, 9th!



January 6th 2014

the thing i love most about photography is being able to capture something that takes you back right where you were, how you felt, and a specific time in your life just through a photograph.

January 7th 2014

i love photography because it allows me to absorb the details i would never see otherwise & i very much enjoy reliving the stories captured. xx

January 7th 2014

if i was cool enough i would enroll is your workshop =)

January 7th 2014


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