BLOOD, SWEATBANDS, & TEARS.¬†Oh these two… It’s couple like this that make love so sweet! Hands down-most fun-engagement-ever! They are so full of life and love and energy and I am blessed by their friendship. I can’t wait for the wedding.



February 26th 2013

Hey my children – these photos are awesome.. Natalie – great job.. I love the settings. Chris and Carrie getting some air! Love love love them!

February 27th 2013

oooooh i like them. the ninja kick and sweatband ones are my fave. can’t wait to see what their wedding is like! xo

March 1st 2013

Great pictures, Caught the fun and the serious – great talent.

March 2nd 2013

I’m so glad you found each other. Beautiful photos; better than some of those romance novel covers.

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